I saw NFT collections that celebrate women, minorities, etc.  But recently I notice there’s a new niche: Celebrating common, everyday subjects – regular people, who aren’t good looking, sexy, flashy, etc.

No more World of Women, Azuki, etc. Not even funny, mutant-y, pixel-y apes. Just regular people.  One example: Regulars.

The project is just that – regular people like those we meet in our daily life.   It’s a project by @p0pps, and I very much like the art style.  Here’s from the website:

Regulars site screenshot

So regular people. So everyday people. So – normal.  Yet, so intriguing.

Regulars 721

As of today, the floor price is rising – I don’t know whether it will continue to rise or not, but I’d DCA if I have the budget.  I believe this will be a great project to invest in – and more projects will follow suit.

Of course, not financial advice.


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